Skyward Ink, Brand Design by Erin Stratton

Out-of-this-world branding for coaches, authors, and online entrepreneurs 

I’m Erin–Brand Designer, Strategist, Artist

I love helping entrepreneurial women with big ideas express them visually with beautiful, stand-out, effective brands, graphics and websites that have an emotional impact on your ideal clients.


First impressions count–and that’s especially true for your brand and marketing materials.

Your designs should get you noticed, reflect your values, and leave an impression that makes your company unforgettable.

If you want to make a better first impression, or you’re ashamed of your outdated or under-designed materials, I can fix that. If you’re done making DIY designs and fighting with Canva, or cobbling together your brand with various freelancers from Fiverr, turn your brand over to me, and I’ll help create a unified look that helps you grow.

These are the things I value:


Strategic design is more than pretty pictures — it’s dozens of meaningful and compelling visual choices that give your business a face. I bring a wide range of design skills and 20+ years of hands-on graphic design and small business marketing experience to find the sweet spots where your branding and design efforts turn into connections.


I love creating beautiful things, but beauty for beauty’s sake won’t help your business. Meaningful design moves your business forward by instantly showing your perfect clients that you share values. That’s why, when we work together, we’ll spend time digging into your intentions, dreams and plans for your business. We’ll also talk about your clients and what really motivates them.


I’m always learning, growing and exploring, both personally and professionally. I love to be surrounded by people who are active in their own evolution… which is why I love working with entrepreneurs. Whether you’re evolving in your business, brand, or vision, it’s always exciting and inspiring to help you reach new heights!


I’m not just a digital designer, I’m a hands-on maker as well. I bring my lifetime obsession with making things by hand to every brand, often painting or drawing backgrounds or elements that are incorporated into the designs. And sketching by hand is a must around here. This handmade touch creates a completely unique brand experience like no other.

I create a whole unspoken language for how your brand looks and feels to the world, so you have a much deeper impact.

So much gets said without using words. When someone tells me their goal or their story, I see it. I translate how you want your clients to feel into images that make them feel at home with you in an instant. I use the universal language of symbols, typography, color and  I’m constantly deepening my visual language skills and new ways to create beautiful brand experiences for myself and my collaborators (for example, by creating brand paintings.)

What makes me different from other designers out there?

I specialize in brand evolution – taking your brand to the next level while not leaving all of the equity, recognition, and value that you’ve already built behind.

I design complete brand universes where all of the components compliment and strengthen each other to make you look really well put-together. When I’m designing a piece for you, I’m thinking about how my design choices relate to everything else you’re already using in your brand.

If you’re about to do something big, there’s a good chance that I’ve done something like it before. Product, program, and mastermind launches? No problem. Brand repositioning? Extending your brand family? Piece of cake. Live events? Of course. I’ve not only designed for these things but also run many of them myself in my own business so I know the ins, outs, and behind-the-scenes of each strategy.

I tune my design style to reflect your company’s personality. From sophisticated to serious, fun to fabulous, inspiring to innovative. My style is not cookie-cutter, one-style-fits-all. I spend quality time creating a unique and custom design for you that looks like your work feels.

I partner with my clients long-term to grow their brand families and to manage their brands over time. Because your business is always growing and changing, and you should have someone on your team to help you plan your brand and design yours to keep it consistent, fresh and successful.

When I’m not designing…

I live in San Luis Obispo, California. I studied graphic design at Cal Poly SLO, and fell in love with this town. I tried moving away to the Bay Area once, but it didn’t stick – the mountains here called me home.

I’m the mother of a 2-year-old corgi named Paxton. He’s my favorite adventure buddy, and we love to go to the beach in the mornings so he can run in the sea and wrestle with his dog friends while I watch the sunrise. When he’s not playing, he loves napping on his mountain of pillows.

I’ve lived with a mysterious chronic illness for over 20 years. After years of misdiagnoses, I recently took a year off of my business so I could focus on getting answers, and I did! I’m excited to be feeling better so I can work with the clients I love again.


I’m a maker at heart.

When I’m not designing, painting, drawing or writing… you’ll find me:

    • cooking (I love to braise and make Asian food)
    • drinking tea (and recently, matcha!)
    • hanging out with my husband, playing Spelling Bee
    • organizing and tidying
    • enjoying long magnesium baths
    • reading  (what’s your favorite book?)
    • Staring at the sky (I love the fluidity of the clouds and the vastness of the stars)




Let’s talk about creating a Brand Universe for you. We meet for 30 minutes on Zoom (phone by request).



If you know what you want, you can send over those details and I’ll get back to you by email.