Feeling Your Work In Your Bones

December 22, 2023

I just got asked how I select fonts for a brand in an interview, and my answer was not what the interviewer expected:

At this point, it’s in my bones. When I select a font, I can rely on my nervous system to tell me it’s right. When I find just the right match, I can feel everything in me relax.

I’ve been into fonts since before I knew what graphic design was. I spent hours and hours during high school tracing band logotypes and then drawing out song lyrics in stylized versions of their fonts.

Since I discovered that this could be part of my job, I’ve devoured books and lectures on type design. I’ve spent 1000s of hours specifying fonts for clients and projects. I’ve modified fonts to create logos and increase legibility. I offer hand lettering. I’ve even created my own fonts a couple of times. 

That level of obsession bakes knowledge into your bones, and I’ve learned to recognize the feeling that washes over me when it’s correct. So, I use my knowledge to choose a few fonts to try, and then wait for the “whoosh” that lets me know which one is right. 

What have you done so much in your career that your body just *knows* when it’s right?

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