Having a tough time writing your web copy?

December 21, 2023

Me too, until just yesterday. I’m a web designer who’s writing her own website and has been having a doozy of a time getting the words out of her head and on to the page. I alternated between having too many things to say and being paralyzed with writer’s block for an agonizingly long time. Here’s what I tried to get unstuck, and what finally worked for me:

  • Go out walking. Moving my body really really helps me get my thoughts flowing. This was great to get some first drafts and brainstorming happening.
  • Go through any past writing. In this case, I got a lot of inspiration from my branding articles and infoproducts from the archives. I had an incident about 10 years ago where I got shamed over my content so severely that I took it all offline, convinced that it was not worthwhile. That’s a story for another time, but now I’m looking at how to repurpose all of this thinking on brand design and strategy.
  • Write in a different format. I made a PowerPoint deck, Google docs, Canva slides, and finally just started typing directly into my live website on WordPress. (I don’t recommend this last one for the faint of heart or the widely-publicized, but since I haven’t launched my site or business yet, there was little risk of it being seen mid-renovation.)
  • Start talking to people about what you do. Part of my problem was that trying to talk about what I was doing made me scared. So, I joined a virtual networking group about 3 months ago and just started talking about my business. Was it clumsy at first? Yes. I was out of practice and had too many ideas about what I wanted to do. But it got clearer and clearer over time, and as I talked to more kind women in the group, I got over my fears.
  • Walk away from it. Put your file down and back away from the computer for a day – or up to a week if you are really stuck or turned around and need to clear your head. Do something, anything else – I focused on client work, doing my accounting, and resting.
  • Send it to a friend. Get someone else’s feedback – they might say the magic thing that gets you unstuck.
  • Start doing the work that you love. I reconnected with a client whose logo I created in 2009. I’ve worked with him about once a year ever since, evolving his brand bit by bit. This year’s addition – a Canva Brand Kit and podcast graphics templates so he can take his podcast graphics over and up level them along the way, bringing them into alignment with the rest of his brand. It was great to roll up my sleeves and get something done for a client I’ve loved working with for over 14 years, and reminded me what I love most about doing this.What has worked for you when you get writer’s block? Or when you have so many thoughts that your writing becomes jumbled?

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